CCASJ中文学校春季班开课通知 – Chinese School Spring 2018 Starting

CCASJ Chinese Language School offers Chinese language and culture classes every Sunday. There will be a total of 12 classes for this term. 

• Level 1 (beginners) – Suitable for people who haven’t learned Chinese.
Objective: Learn basic Chinese language knowledge

• Level 2 (intermediate) – Suitable for people who have basic knowledge in Chinese pronunciation and language.
Objective: Improve speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Prepare for HSK, YCT, and HSKK tests.

• Level 3 (advanced) – Suitable for people who can communicate fluently in Chinese and can write Chinese characters.
Objective: Learn advanced Chinese, including cultural literature. Improve reading and writing skill.

• Chinese Culture Class:
Objective: Offer Chinese culture lectures on different topics (history, tourist attractions, etc.) for people who are interested in Chinese traditional culture or have business needs. Teaching can be done in both Chinese and English languages.

Date & Time: March18, 2018 to June17, 2018 (No class for April 1, May 20) Every Sunday, total 12 lessons

Level 1: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Level 2:12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Level 2 – Adult Class:1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Level 1 – Advanced: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Location: 157 Duke Street, Saint John E2L 1N7


Total $50 (CCASJ Member)
Total $70 (Non Member)

To register, please click following link:




一级班 – 适于汉语零基础学习。
学习目标: 学会一些基本的汉语语言对话等,提高汉语学习兴趣。

一级高级班 – 适于有一些汉语基础,可以用汉语做很简单的交流的学生。
学习目标: 提高汉语语言对话水平及学习兴趣

二级班 – 适于有一些汉语基础,能够用汉语做基本日常交流的学生。
学习目标:从听说读写各方面提高汉语水平, 准备汉语等级考试。

三级 – 适于能熟练运用汉语交流学习的学生。
学习目标: 学习高级汉语,包括中国古典诗词及文学等,提高阅读和写作水平。


学习目标:对于一些对中国传统文化感兴趣和商务需求的人士, 我们提供中国传统文化讲座包括 中国历史、文化、旅游景点等不同的话题。提供中英文授课。

授课时间: 2018年3月18日至6月17日(其中4月1日、5月20日放假停课)每周日,共12课

        12:30-13:30, 一级班
        12:30-13:30, 二级班
        13:30-14:30, 二级成人班

授课老师: 蒋洁、周丽萍

上课地点: 157 Duke Street, Saint John E2L 1N7


总计 $50 (会员)
总计 $70 (非会员)


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