Notice of Greater Saint John Chinese Cultural Association Annual General Meeting and Board Re-election

March 4, 2020

Dear members,

Time flies fast! The Greater Saint John Chinese Cultural Association is due for re-election of our next Board of Directors. The current board directors are:

Ping Chen, Hai Li, Junping Sun, David Xu, Vivian Zhang

The President of the current board of directors, David Xu, will not seek for re-election.

Activities organized or participated under the leadership of the current board can be found at A summary report of the activities will also be presented at the upcoming AGM.

The current Board has met recently and discussed various matters associated with the upcoming election and Annual General Meeting. An Election Committee is setup by the board to perform election related activities in an orderly manner.

We are pleased to announce the call for nominations for the president of the 2020-2022 Board of Directors.

Step 1: Call for nominations
We are circulating this letter as broadly as we can via email, web posting to let the Greater Saint John Chinese Cultural Association members know about the upcoming election.

We request that you nominate someone whom you think is suitable and willing to serve on the Board in the best interests of the association.

Before sending in your nomination, we request that you contact the nominee to have his or her consent and to have the form signed or agreed on by additional five members from different families to ensure that the candidate is well known to the community. You can nominate only one candidate.

Nomination form is included. All nominations should be received by 5PM, April 12th, Sunday, via Email:

Step 2:

All received nominees will be contacted to confirm their willingness to let their names stand for election. In the case of candidates who are relatively new to our community and/or are not well known by most of the members, we may ask candidates to circulate their resume for your information.

Step 3:

An anonymous voting will be held on our Annual General Meeting scheduled on April 18th to elect the new President of Greater Saint John Chinese Cultural Association.

Agendas will include

1.   2018-2020 Activity Report
2.   2018-2020 Financial Report
3.   Elect the President of the 2020 – 2022 Board of Directors
4.   Potluck Dinner. Drinks, snacks and fruits will be provided.

Based on voting result, the nominee who received the most votes will be the President of 2020 – 2022 Board of Directors. All other board members will be appointed by the elected President.

Please make every effort to attend. We strongly believe that the health of the Board directly affects our association.

Hence, we request that every member consider the election as a very serious decision and actively participate in the election either by showing your willingness to serve on the Board or by electing someone whom you think will truly benefit our association. Together, we can make it a proud association to which we all enthusiastically belong.

Yours truly,

The Board of Directors of the Greater Saint John Chinese Cultural Association

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