Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John Inc.

1. NAME:

The name of the Association shall be called Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John, INC


P.O.Box 2661, Saint John, New Brunswick Canada E2L 4Z1


The Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John is a non-profit organization having no affiliation with any religious or political party. The objectives are

1) To conduct classes teaching Chinese language and culture

2) To permeate Chinese culture and promote multi- cultural

3) To promote understanding and goodwill between Chinese Canadians and other ethnic Canadians


1) Any person who is a legal resident of Saint John is eligible to become a member of the Association.

2) Members are obliged to observe the constitution of the association and pay membership dues.

3) Members and their families have the privilege to participate in all activities of the association

4) Members are eligible to be elected to the board of directors, to be elected as officers of the executive council and to vote at the general assembly.

5) Members are obliged to assist in all functions undertaken by the association.


1) The general assembly shall meet once in each calendar year. A quorum of the meeting shall be the attendance of at lease 1/3 of the total membership. Following the close of the General Assembly, the board of directors shall be vested with the authority to run the affairs of the Association.

2) The president of the association may call a special General Assembly at the request of the board of directors.

3) The General Assembly shall exercise the following powers:

a) To discuss and approve policies of the association and to entrust the board of directors with its administration

b) To amend the constitution by a two-third majority vote of the members attending the General Assembly

c) To elect the board of directors

d) To approve membership dues proposed by the board of directors

4) The general assembly shall be held at such place on such date as the board of directors determines.

6. Board of Directors

1) The Board of Directors shall consists of at least 9 members elected from the association

2) The duties of the directors shall be:

a) To manage the affaires of the Association

b) To elect the president, vice-president and the Executives

c) To carry out the work plan for the association

d) To administer the policies of the General Assembly

3) The executives:

The executive shall organize, manage and direct the activities authorized by the Board of directors and may exercise all such powers and do everything that may be exercised or done by the association or by law expressly directed or required to be done by the association.

The executives shall consist of the following officers:

a) A preside who shall be the chief executive officer of the association and shall exercise general supervision over the activities of the executive Council and the business and affairs of the association. The president, when present, shall president at all meeting of the association. He/She shall be the official representative of the association in external relation and shall possesses and may exercise such powers assign to him / her by the board of directors.

b) A first vice-president who shall assume the duties and powers of the president during the latter’s absence or inability to act.

c) A second-vice president who shall assist the president and shall assume the duties of the President should the president and the first vice-president is absent or unable to act.

d) A Secretary who shall be responsible for:

1. Keeping an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association

2. conducting the correspondence of the Association under the direction of the Executive Council

3. giving all notices required to be given to members and executive officers and directors

4. Having custody of all books, papers, records, correspondence, contracts, and other documents belonging to the Association.

e) A Treasure who shall be responsible for collecting membership dues and tuitions as approved by the Board of Directors; shall keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of the Association. He/She shall have charge of all the finances of the Association and shall present an annual financial report to the General Assembly.

f) A Chairperson(s) of the Social Committee who shall have charge of all matters pertaining to cultural projects; organized and conducted by the association.

g) A public relation officer(s) who shall have charge of publicity.

h) A chairperson of the Education Committee who shall have charge of all matters pertaining to the educational and academic activities organized and conducted by the Association.

i) In the event of a vacancy in any office for any cause, the board of Directors may appoint a director to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.

4) The directors shall be elected for a term of 2 years subject to re-election.

7. Amendment

This constitution may be amended, altered, or replaced by a two-third majority vote at any General or Special Assembly, provided notice of intention to amend the said constitution shall be given one week in advance of the meeting.